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Summer Rock WIth A Band!!!

Summer Session Begins JUNE 13th 2016

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  Rock With A Band is part of the American Music Teaching Center in Amarillo Texas.  We teach guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, and vocals.  

  RWAB was started in 2007, by Larry Dunn. The program trains students to showcase their talent with a band. 

  Our Performance Program intertwines teamwork and music instruction.  We group your child with other children to put on real rock shows!  Students will learn songs, musicianship, and how to perform in an authentic rock show environment.

  Rock With A Band is a place for children to express their talent.  We focus on lessons, musical excellence, and powerful stage performance.  

  Rock With A Band, is a program that brings music lessons and the stage to life!    http://www.musiclessons101.comshapeimage_9_link_0
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