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Live Shows

Learn To Rock The World

Here at Rock With A Band, we have a unique approach to teaching music that helps kids blossom into amazing musicians.

  In addition to individual private lessons, our performance program gives all participating kids the opportunity to work with a team and perform live in front of audiences.  Along the way, your child learns to work toward a goal, hone their music skills, and play music from the greatest Rock N Roll bands ever!

To enroll in private lessons, or Rock With A Band sessions, call us at 806-356-0245. Call now to give your child the experience of a lifetime!

“Rock With A Band” (RWAB) plays live attractions and brings families together. Last years RWAB performed festivals, parades, and other fun events.

  Here at RWAB we realize playing live shows culminates lessons and practicing. So, with our year round program we love to showcase the kids.

For more information on making Rockin’ memories for your child/family give us a call 806.356.0245

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Make Your Child A Rock Star & Enroll Them Now

Rock With A Band is a place of Rock N’ Roll Stardom, where budding musicians can let loose, develop their musical skills, and build confidence!  Enroll now and help your child step into the spotlight and change their lives forever.


***Monday Thru Friday - Weekly Private Lessons***

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